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Hi, my name is MK. Zainal is actually my father, a respectable man among his peers. My friends called me Khairul. You can call me sunshine if you like.

If you want to reach out to me for work purposes, you can take a look at my digital profile.

My professional history

I graduated with a diploma in Computer Engineering Technology and has served in various roles including software engineer, digital marketer, writer, and editor. Some notable organisations that I have served in the past include Teach For Malaysia, Cilisos Media and AirAsia.

These days, I run a content writing agency called MK Media where we focus on long-form articles, newsletters, copywriting and translation, among many others. I also work with other digital agencies in providing content for companies and organisations that are making the move to digital in this post-pandemic era.

My personal life

I spend my days playing computer games, incessantly watching YouTube and powerlifting. I mostly keep myself around a bunch of close friends, and my two adult cats + five kittens.

My love life

This section is intentionally left blank. JK, not like anything is happening oso. May this year jodoh dipermudahkan, amiin.